The ODI has a toolbox full of tools to help you publish open data. Here’s a collection of other tools that can help you work with data.

ArcGIS HubEsriConnects government departments with community
CKANOpen Knowledge International is the host of the CKAN AssociationA data management system that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data
csv-to-apiProject Open Data, cio.govDynamically generate RESTful APIs from static CSVs
Data CuratorODI AustraliaA desktop CSV editor to help describe, validate and share usable open data. Create a Data Package, compliant with the Frictionless Data specification, ready to upload to Data Platforms
Data DockNetworked PlanetData publishing tool
Data Package CreatorOpen Knowledge InternationalA simple visual tool to create, edit, and validate Data Packages.
Data.worldData.WorldSocial media for datasets, with emphasis on sharing data to find better insights
DatapakaCentral de DadosDatapaka is a command-line utility made to ease the process of creating datapackage.json files by asking the user for the values to use.
DataPlatformNetworked Planet + BrightstarDBPublishing platform that allows users to enrich, describe, organise their data and publish it
DataPressDataPress Ltd“Beautiful data portals made easy”. DataPress powers SaaS data portals based on CKAN and WordPress
DB-to-apiProject Open Data, cio.govA simple system to create a REST API from the contents of a database table
DKANGranicusDrupal-based open data tool with a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features that allows governments, nonprofits and universities to easily publish data to the public.
Epimorphics Data Sharing PlatformEpimorphicsA fully hosted and managed service for publishing linked data
Epimorphics reference data manager platformEpimorphicsCreate and manage reference data such as controlled, authoritative lists of identifiers as URIs
Fusion TablesGoogleFusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables.
goodtables.ioOpen Knowledge InternationalData publishing tool that emphasises quality of the data through badges
JunarJunarCloud based open data platform that describes itself as the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to transform governmentt data into resources that citizens can use
KaggleKaggleLearning tool on how to publish data correctly
MiraDavbreCreate simple APIs from CSV files
Miso PortalMisoPaying software that helps users upload their geo data in INSPIRE compliant ways
OctopubODIPublish data easily, quickly and correctly on Github
Open Data CatalogOpenDataPhillyAn open data catalog based on Django, Python and PostgreSQL. Open source, generic version of the software for OpenDataPhilly
Open Data CertificatesODIProve the quality of your data publishing, and help build trust with your data reusers
Open Data KitODK Communitya free and open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions
Open Data SoftOpen Data SoftOpenDataSoft was developed for business users, not technical ones. With its user-friendly back-end interface, data are collected, processed and published in a few clicks.
Open Data Pathway
ODIAssess your open data maturity level
Open RefineMetaweb Technologies, Inc. / Google until 2012)Tool to clean data in CSV files
Open SensorsOpen Sensors Ltd. (Supported by Open Data Incubator Europe).Open Sensors describe themselvea as the largest IoT Open Data community in the world. People tend to use open sensors to use and publish data in two areas: Workspace planning, and Environment sensing.
Open SpendingOpen Knowledge InternationalFinancial data repository + packager
PublishMyDataSwirrl IT LtdPublishMyData is designed specially to link public sector data to the world. Help users get well-defined, interconnected, machine-accessible, clearly structured and documented data, ready for analysis and application
QUConsumer Financial Protection BureauData platform created to serve public data set
SayItMy SocietyMake transcripts available online in a machine readable format
SocrataSocrataSocrata is dedicated to helping governments unlock their data. It is aimed at a non-technical audience
Tableau PublicTableauVisualise and Share Your Data
try.goodtables.ioOpen Knowledge InternationalValidate tabular data optionally using a schema

Find even more tools on this list from the ODI.


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