The ODI has a toolbox full of tools to help you publish open data. Here’s a collection of other tools that can help you work with data.

Tableau PublicTableau Visualisation
Story MapsEsriMap Visualisations
ArcGISEsri Mapping
View Data (beta)MacroGISMapping
CSVLint (beta)Open Data InstituteValidate Tabular Data
GoodTablesOpen KnowledgeValidate Tabular Data
DataPackagist (alpha)Open KnowledgeSchema Creation
SwaggerCommunity SupportedAPI Documentation
Open RefineCommunity Supported Data Wrangling
CKANCommunity SupportedData Portal
Open DataSocrataData Portal
OpenDataSoft PecletData Portal
ArcGIS Open DataEsriData Portal
CSV MetaData EditorVienna UniversitySchema Creation
Google Public Data ExplorerGoogleVisualisation

Find even more tools on this list from the ODI.


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