Special update from the Chair, Linda O’Brien

by | Jan 4, 2017 | General

Happy New Year to everyone in our growing open data community.2017 promises to be an outstanding year of open innovation in Queensland and indeed across Australia, with heightened awareness of the value of data to drive innovation, productivity and value ( see for example the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Data Availability and Use).

I would like to share an exciting development that has occurred over the last few weeks. Many of us wear multiple hats these

days (I’ve lost count of how many I have!), and the same is true for our CEO Maree Adshead as she will soon commence sharing her time between continuing her role as the outstanding CEO of ODI Queensland with an additional role as the first Queensland Small Business Champion for Queensland Government. The ODI Queensland board of directors is delighted that her skills and expertise has been recognised in this way and we consider it a fantastic win / win for both the open data and the small business communities of Queensland.

I’m sure you will all join us in congratulating Maree on her additional role, as well as look forward to building on the great progress we will make together in 2017 at ODI Queensland. As Chair I am actively working with the Board to ensure that we harness the value of this opportunity whilst maintaining the great momentum ODIQ has achieved in 2016.

Best wishes for a fantastic 2017!

Linda O’Brien
Chair, ODI Queensland Board

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