Small Business success with open data

Problem Statement:

  • Newsagencies are being greatly affected by digital transformation with the advent of online newspaper subscriptions, and eMagazines which are now available for download via many local libraries at no cost.
  • Newsagencies, particularly in regional and rural areas, perform important community services aside from their core business – what is the true impact of a reduction in their numbers?

Addressing the Business Problem Statement:

  • Devise an easy to operate solution, utilising a mix of public, private and social media generated data which combine to inform a Newsagent with simple benchmarking for comparative analysis and simple predictive analysis for informed business decision-making.

Impact of addressing the Business Problem Statement:

  • Strong economic growth
  • Innovation in small business
  • Increased social prosperity
  • Increased youth employment


  • Workshops commenced 28 January 2015
  • Data team has compiled data from multiple sources and provide it to WardyIT and DWS for analytics.
  • Collaborators and data contributors include:
    • CCIQ
    • Queensland Government
    • Microsoft
    • Wardy IT
    • Data#3
    • Glentworth
    • Readily
    • DWS
    • OBS
    • Australian Bureau of Statistics
    • Tattersalls Group
    • ATO