Open Data milestone made by Queensland Government!

Sep 11, 2017 | General, News

Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy the Hon Leeanne Enoch MP has announced the Queensland Government’s first Open Data Policy Statement.   The keystone of the policy is a commitment to the principles in the International Open Data Charter for Queensland government data:

  1. Open by default
  2. Timely and comprehensive
  3. Accessible and useable
  4. Comparable and interoperable
  5. For improved governance and citizen engagement
  6. For inclusive development and innovation.

Under the banner of these guiding principles, Queensland government agencies will be required to achieve a number of organisational objectives and milestones for their data, and in particular, they will:

  • conduct an annual Open Data Maturity Assessment using the ODI’s Open Data Maturity Model and an Action Plan
  • build core data literacy skills in their organisation.

ODI Australian Network congratulates the Queensland Government on the announcement of the policy and looks forward to assisting the Government deliver on the policy commitments.  We also wish to acknowledge and thank the hundreds of Queenslanders who helped to guide and inform the policy through our “Open Data, Open Conversations” public consultation.

Queensland’s open data policy statement aligns with the new DIGITAL1ST Strategy, also released this week, set to place Queensland at the forefront of digital transformation.

Well done Queensland!


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