Open Data Maturity Assessment

How well does your organisation publish and consume open data?

  • Use the Open Data Maturity Model the discover your open data practice’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Record your results in the Open Data Pathway to see how you compare to other organisations
  • Get practical recommendations to help achieve your improvement targets.
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Start now

  • We encourage all Australian open data publishers to use the Open Data Pathway to determine how you can deliver more value through open data.
  • It’s great to see some organisations openly publish their results.
  • Need a hand?  ODI Australian Network can help with a range of services to guide you through the Open Data Maturity Assessment process.  We can facilitate workshops with your team and collaboratively develop an Open Data Action Plan.
  • How will you improve your open data practice?

Common Questions

What is the process to assess my organisations open data maturity?

The engagement follows a five step process and typically spans a six-week period. A half-day workshop determines your maturity level. We use this information to populate your scores into the Open Data Pathway and create an Open Data Maturity Assessment report. Two half-day workshops set your 12 month maturity targets and determine the actions you’ll take to achieve them – this is documented in an Open Data Action Plan. Finally we present the results to key stakeholders to gain support for implementing the actions.

How many people can attend the workshop?

Workshops are run for up to 8 participants. Participants should have an operational or management role in the publishing or consumption of open data.
Attendance to the stakeholder presentation is unlimited.

What Questions are asked?

Up to 83 questions are asked. They span 15 activity areas that are grouped into 5 themes.

Read the Open Data Maturity Model to learn more.

Where are workshops held?
ODI Queensland can come to you or we can host the workshops at our training facilities at 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.
How does the Open Data Maturity Assessment relate to Open Data Certificates?
Open Data Certificates is another quality improvement initiative from the Open Data Institute. An Open Data Certificate can be awarded for each individual dataset that you publish to show that it is easy to find, use and share. The Open Data Pathway assesses your open data practice at an organisational level.
How much does it cost?

ODI Australian Network offers three levels of ODMA service:

1. Complete ODMA Consultancy: includes workshops, detailed action plan report and presentation of results to your organisation’s management team $POA
2. ODMA Verification: your organisation undertakes the assessment, we analyse and verify the results and enter the scores into the pathway tool from $5,500
3. Annual ODMA     Review and Refresh: includes review of targets and action plan, creation of new targets and plan and presentation of results to your organisation’s management team from $9,500

We’re happy to discuss your organisation’s needs and maturity level at the outset to make sure you get what you need.