Open Data Certificate Help


The help pages contains guidance for open data publishers who are completing the Australian version of the ODI Open Data Certificate questionnaire.

The help can be used in two ways:

1. When completing the questionnaire, if you get stuck, links take you to specific guidance for a question.

2. Use the help as a stand-alone resource to learn how to publish your data so people can use it with confidence. Step through questions you’ll be asked for your data and explore the associated resources.

The Open Data Certificate questionnaire has 5 sections. Help is provided for the Legal sections that have been localised for Australia.

  1. Basic information
  2. Legal information
  3. Practical information
  4. Technical information
  5. Social information

Over time we may add help for the other sections. Let us know if you’d find that useful or would like to contribute.

Your feedback & questions are very welcome

Special thanks to Baden Appleyard from the Queensland bar (formerly of AusGOAL) who contributed his advice and time in developing this resource. ODI Australian Network also acknowledges the following contributors:


Grace Hammond

Earl Butterworth
Ellen Broad
James Smith
Jeni Tennison
Stephen Gates
and leading Australian open data publishers who tested and adopted Open Data Certificates.