Here’s some of our favourite guides. You may also like the Guides and Reports from the ODI, and Resources from the Open Data Charter.

What Makes Data Open?

Open data has to have a license that says it’s open data.

Engaging with open data reusers

If you are publishing open data, you are usually doing so because you want people to reuse it.

Writing a good open data policy

A well-written open data policy will clearly define the commitment of the organisation to publishing, sharing and consuming data.

Open Definition?

Knowledge is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share it

About the Open Data Charter

Open data is a key public good which people can use to generate value, insights, ideas and services to create a better world for all.

Make a Business Case for Open Data

Learn the steps needed to maximise the benefits of opening data.

Open Council Data Toolkit

Join dozens of Australian councils in sharing your data assets: free of charge, unrestricted, and in standard formats.

Open Data 

The role of open data in a digitally driven economy

Openness Principles for Organisations 

How data is accessed, used and shared exists on a spectrum

Data on the web best practices

Learn about best practices related to the publication and usage of data on the web.

Open Data Charter Adoption and Implementation Roadmap 

A roadmap to support those planning to adopt the Open Data Charter

Reuser’s Guide to Open Data Licensing 

Leran more about what it means to license data and the requirements a licence place can on you