Data Curator - share usable open data

Data Curator is a simple desktop CSV editor to help describe, validate and share usable open data

Why do we need Data Curator?

Open data producers are increasingly focusing on improving open data so that data can be easily used to create insight and drive positive change.

Open data is more likely to be used if data consumers can:

  • understand why and how the data was collected
  • understand the structure of the data
  • look up the meaning of codes used in the data
  • understand the quality of the data
  • access the data in an open machine-readable format
  • know how the data is licensed and how it can be reused

Data Curator enables data producers to do all this and more.

Try the Data Curator Beta on Windows or macOS.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve done so far…

Data Curator screenshot

We’re building Data Curator in the open so you can follow our progress or contribute.

Data Curator builds on Comma Chameleon developed by the ODI.