Wear your badge with pride

Earning an open data certificate, at any level, is a great achievement. You can share your success by displaying your open data certificate and badge:

1. on your web site with your data

2. in your CKAN open data portal

3. in your performance scorecard.

1. Display a badge or certificate on your web site

To display a badge or certificate on the web page that links to your data:

  • Sign in to your open data certificate account.
  • Select “My certificates” to display a list of your certificates.
  • Choose a certificate that you have published and select “Embed code”.
  • Copy the code and paste it into the web page that provides access to your data.
  • Your web page will now display a badge. When the mouse hovers over the badge, further details are revealed. Clicking the badge will take you to the certificate page.
  • Australian Open Data Portals
  • Bronze Open Data Certificate (alpha)
  • Active - self certified

2. Embed badges in your CKAN portal

If you use CKAN as your open data portal, you can add an ODI Open Data Certificate extension to embed badges on your dataset pages. You’ll need someone with CKAN expertise to add this feature to your portal.

3. Measure your performance

Create a scorecard to show how the quality of your open data publishing improves over time. Consider measuring:

  • Counts of each level of certificate you’ve earned
  • Counts of each type of certification (automatically awarded, self certified, community verified, ODI Audited).

Help others create value with confidence

By displaying open data certificates and badges you demonstrate that you are a leader in open data and are serious about helping others to create economic, environmental and social value using open data.